Co-operators Research Chair

Our mission and our objectives

The Co-operators Research Chair in Actuarial Risk Analysis (CARA) was founded in May 2018. The Chair has multiple objectives, related to the development of actuarial education and of actuarial science in the field of general insurance. One of the objectives of the Chair is to develop a solid, credible and recognized research structure in actuarial science for P&C insurance at UQAM. For scientific development, the Chair has precise objectives. Based on claim data collected on a regular basis, the actuarial researchers involved in the Chair develop risk quantification tools, mainly in the areas of pricing, provisioning and customer life value estimation for P&C insurance. Lastly, although actuaries are present in many public and private institutions, and although actuaries are involved in many political decisions, they often act in the shadows. Given the place, history and importance of actuarial science in Quebec, one of the objectives of the Chair is to improve the influence of actuarial science by intervening publicly in areas that affect general insurance.

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